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Cecil Adams, also known as the Count, was a flamboyant drug lord operating out of the Glades who created the drug Vertigo.

He spent several years refining Vertigo, for which initially used the homeless as test subjects, and the dual syringe marks on their necks resembled vampire bites. This is how he earned the nickname "The Count." He eventually became the leader of a massive drug distribution network which peddled the drug to Starling City's youth. He sold it primarily in pill form, using the more potent liquid form to punish henchmen who had failed him, or as a weapon in combat situations. Eventually, some of his customers end up dead, earning the attention of Green Arrow. Oliver uses his Bratva contacts to establish contact with Cecil Adams, then goes undercover as a potential buyer. The deal is broken up by the unexpected arrival of the cops, and in the ensuing scuffle, Adams overpowers Arrow long enough to inject him with a potent dose of Vertigo. Although Arrow was unable to use his bow while suffering from Vertigo's effects, his Eskrima skills enabled him to defeat Cecil and give him "a taste of his own medicine." Miraculously, Cecil Adams survived what would have been a lethal overdose to most of his customers, though his mind was irrevocably damaged. He was committed to an asylum for the insane, with its staff concluding that the long term effects that the drug will have on him are unknown.

Several months later, a patron of Oliver's club, Verdant, dies after overdosing on a new version of Vertigo, which is augmented with chlorpromazine. This is coincided with Cecil Adams escape from the asylum. Believing each new death to be a result of letting Cecil Adams live, Arrow resolves to track him down and kill him. Ultimately, he discovers that the mastermind behind the new Vertigo variant is Adams psychiatrist, Dr. Webb, and that Adams never left the asylum, Webb had simply faked his escape to frame him for his crimes. Webb is killed in the resultant showdown, and not long after, Cecil Adams reawakens, rambling about a grave waiting for him. Realizing that Cecil Adams truly is mentally ill, Arrow stays his hand, leaving him in the asylum.

Following the disaster of the quake (caused by Merlyn) Cecil Adams soon escaped because of damage to Iron heights prison caused by the quake. He later then proceeded to kidnap the DA and poison a medical truck giving out free flu shots. Once Felicity discovered the medical truck as the reason for the cities illness. Going to investigate by herself, (Because Oliver being occupied with his mother's trial and Diggle being ill) she was then kidnapped by Vertigo. Vertigo discovering Oliver's secret, Oliver left his mother's trial to save Felicity. Then killing Cecil Adams and breaking his rule of no killing. Later on we find out that Sebastian Blood was endorsing Cecil to kill the Hood.


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  • Cecil Adams was portrayed by Seth Gabel.
  • This is the first live-action appearance of Count Vertigo.
  • In an interview with the website Hero Complex, Gabel states he drew inspiration from Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker when creating the character of the Count.[3]



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