Gawd is a minor deity and tyrant to his own world along with his younger and less powerful brother, Dave, whom both have lived for long expanded lives for centuries playing games and exploring existence with their reality-warping powers.

Gawd would with the help of Dave create planet Paradize in simile with Judeo-Christian concepts of paradise to facsimile the planet Earth. Humans were created by effects of Gawd's reality-warping abilities whom he instructed with rules and guidelines to worship him accordingly on his own demand for adulation. Gawd's followers slowly began developing personal sentience, concepts of liberty, free-will and a desire to uphold industry to denounce their Gawd's religious tyranny and progress from regressive worship. Even Gawd's brother, Dave, defended the laurels of their creations to have their own lives which prompted Gawd to make his weaker brother a lord of their realms Hell for heretics and sacrilegious rule-breakers from then on.

Years later, Abbot Costello with the assist of Dave would formulate a religious congregation rebelling against Gawd known as The Brotherhood of Industry who left Paradize off-world to hire the bounty hunter, Lobo to kill Gawd to become a prosperous society. Lobo took the contract for free on the challenge of assassinating an omnipotent being while still allied to L.E.G.I.O.N., Lobo arrived to Planet Paradize to confront a pontiff within the House of Gawd to challenge Gawd's whereabouts only to get into a fight with Gawd's Sin Police who gassed and imprisoned Lobo for his violence and disobedience. Lobo would escape with the aid of his Spazzfrag 666 space-cycle after beating information from the planets' prisoners.

Locating a euphoric realm with carnivorous angels who attempted to cannibalize Lobo before he slew them all, Gawd appeared as to bargain Lobo's obedience from his death warrant with women, wine, wealth, and even a role as a king with the desires of warfare and conquest as Lobo pursued in space, but Lobo denounced the offerings before slandering Gawd and taking Gawd's name in vain which sent Lobo to Paradizes' Hell realm where his tongue was chopped off by Gawd's demons. Intervention by Gawd's brother Dave would have Lobo come to clarification on Gawd's role with Paradize as Dave offered to let Lobo rule Hell if he could take over Heaven, Lobo refuted except the means of insurrecting Gawd out of power as to execute him. Both traveled to a break in limbo bridging Heaven and Hell as Lobo dug and tore a cracked wall opening to lead demons and sinners of Dave's realm to battle the angels and Sin Police of Gawd.

Elsewhere, Dave set with Abbot Costello and his fellow monks prepared to distribute lewd literature, alcohol, forbidden books, and tobacco to the denizens of Paradizes' townsfolk in a staged rebellion to the Church of Gawd as to weaken Gawd's powers and influence over his worshippers. Gawd would release his reality's rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Four Johnnies, at the turn result of Lobo and the minions of Dave had broken into Heaven. Lobo would contend to battle the Four Johnnies while Dave and his orator would scheme to find the Book of Gawd containing the true name of Gawd as to deliver the name to the religious rebels in Paradize in his prophesied downfall. With Lobo cornered near-death spite the demises of several of Gawd's Johnnies, Dave forwarded the name of his brother to the religious rebels as they burned down Gawd's church denouncing Gawd of his real name- Cecil Geekywad Bumwimple- much to Gawd's embarrassment and Lobo's smug amusement, before Gawd's planet, his people, and entire congregation collapsed to nothingness leaving Lobo, Dave and Gawd the sole beings standing.

At the end of the turmoil, Lobo slowly realized that much of the "prophesies" and religious expectations of both Gawd and Dave were fundamentally imagined by both Dave and Gawd as a "game" to pass their time. Lobo, realizing that he was sent on false accusations to kill Gawd on the basis of a game went into a rage knocking out both Dave and Gawd, while diminished of their reality-manipulating powers, before the two minor deities were decapitated dead and their heads both put on pikes in the rubble of their destroyed planet with a sign nearby the two as warnings not to cross Lobo in the future to on-coming alien travelers.


  • Reality Alteration: Gawd can with a thought conjure matter and thinking, sentient beings such as people, angels, demons and a planetary ecosystem instantly. He can create angels simile to young babies that cannibalize intruders.
  • Precognition Gawd has limited precognitive abilities but no immediate omniscience regarding off-world affairs.
  • Omnipresence: A minimal version of omnipresence allows him to transport his psyche off world to other locations to monitor escaped followers.
  • Energy Projection: Gawd can project heat, flame or electrical lightning bolts vast distances to kill foes.
  • Teleportation: Gawd can teleport himself or others from Paradize, Heaven or towards Hell.
  • Force Field: Gawd can project a force field onto himself tough enough to withstand Lobo's strength and weaponry.


  • Power Limitation: His omnipresence is limited and can not easily affect off-world beings or non-believers. With enough force, Gawd can be killed by non-believers and after he is denounced of power by name.



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