Cecil "Doubtful" Milk was orphaned at a young age when his parents committed suicide by hanging and was raised by his aunt and uncle. By extant Cecil is the last youthful linage of his family. Cecil attended Eton College but was soon expelled for his developing interest in flower-arranging; study Buggery at Cambridge; and entered the Royal Navy in 1938. However, it was later reveal to be a clerical error and he was then posted to Royal Marine commando in 1940. In his service he remains as the only survivor of many incidents in which his side were massacred and personally described his experiences as "beastly."

He later joined the Rifle Brigade as a Second Lieutenant and developed a bonding friendship with his commander Hugo Darcy. Cecil is implied to be a homosexual, and as a running gag whenever his unit survives a very lethal incident, they find Milk wounded, upon which he will ask Darcy to perform various sexual favors on him, "like nanny used to do", only to learn that Milk had been faking it.


  • Milk's operations that he survived are: Hell Island, Slaughter River, Carnage Ridge, and Abandon-Hope-All-Ye-Who-Enter-Here Alley.



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