Cedella was the sister of Papa Midnite, and a powerful practicioner of voodoo herself.

Midnite murdered her, and for 10 days, performed a powerful spell on her. It kept her from passing, and also stained her soul so she would enter Hell. He also set up a connection with her, which he would channel through her Skull.

Once she was in hell, she was her brother's slave. She slept with demons and stole their secrets and power, allowing Midnite to rise to power in the mortal world. That was her lot for thirty years, until Midnite sent Constantine witchwalking and he encountered her.[1] With Constantine's help, Cedella broke the connection. Her brother, who had felt the change, smashed the skull. As a parting gift, she forced her brother to commit suicide by throwing himself off the Empire State Building.[2]





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