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Celeste McCauley is part of the McCauley family, one of the richest and most powerful families in the galaxy.


Celeste decides to leave her family to strike out on her own. Despite the economic collapse of many United Planets, the McCauley family remained financially secure and politically powerful.

Celeste's father warned her of the harsh conditions she might encounter, Celeste didn't listen believing that the money has corrupted her family.


On her travels, she found herself on the planet Twilo. Celeste landed on a continent full of beautiful wilderness and rugged terrain. She was warned of a meteor strike that happened a few nights before. Celeste had found the remains of a Green Lantern. The unnamed Green Lantern died under mysterious circumstances. He still had his its Power Ring but detonates upon contact with Celeste. The radiation from the ring floods her body causing her to become a living conduit for the Green Lantern Energy.

Celeste originally joined the Science Police Academy, but left to become a private detective, opening her own agency called the Rockfish Detective Agency. Dawnstar and Celeste became close friends partnered up with her to help with cases. Dawnstar took the new name of Bounty.

The Daily Planet reporter Devlin O'Ryan uncovered through it's investigation that the current Earthgov administration was involved in the death of Blok the Dryad member of the Legion. Earthgov denied all the allegations and hired Celeste to find Kivun Roxxas, the Butcher. The Dominators wished to divert all suspicion of Earthgov's connection to the murder. Celeste went to Trom, the planet that had been decimated by Roxxas years before. Celeste and Devlin try to recruit Element Lad the former Legionnaire whose people were wiped out on Trom by the Butcher.

Her investigation led her to the planet Winath, where she attacks Roxxas and nearly beats him to death. Roxxas himself indirectly played a role in the reformation of the Legion with his revelation that the Dominators were now in control of EarthGov.

Final Crisis

Celeste was last seen during the Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, where she appeared to help the Legion fight the Time Trapper.

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