Celia Forrestal is the heroine Skyrocket. She is a former lieutenant in the United States Navy and former member of Power Company.

Early life

Celia Forrestal was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, the only child of Jerome Forrestal and his wife, both scientists for Argo Technologies. She spent all her childhood in the city, apart from visits to her grandfather Ralph Jackson near Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. A veteran of World War II, he told her about his life and the hardships he faced, and that America was not perfect, but that they could change that.

She took those words to heart, and joined the United States Navy. She rose to the rank of lieutenant and became an aviation instructor at Naval Air Station Pensacola, but wanted more. With restrictions on women in combat recently lifted, she requested a transfer to Naval Air Station Cecil in Jacksonville to serve in a combat squadron. It was denied; she felt it was because her commanding officer did not want women in combat. Desillusioned, she took a leave of absence and returned home.[2]

A new start

At her family's company, she talked over affairs with her parents, who also showed her their new defense project: the Argo Harness. After Independence Day celebrations, her father urged her to try it on, to see what it could do. She tested it, and it worked like a charm. The test was cut short by an attack from Scorpio. The terrorist organization was hired to take out scientists working on prototype weapons and destroy any notes. Celia's parents were killed, but Celia survived. Bent on revenge, she went after Scorpio. She found them, already engaged in a fight with the St. Louis based hero Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Together, they defeated them, and handed them over to law enforcement.

At her parents' funeral, Hal Jordan visited her. He was impressed with her abilities and mastery of the suit, and suggested she became a superhero. Feeling she could change the world better as a superhero than in a non-combat position, she left the navy. She stayed in St. Louis, moved into a shabby apartment, and used the Argo Harness to become the heroine Skyrocket.[2]

Power Company

Celia worked as the protector of St. Louis for several years before joining the Power Company and becoming the team's field leader. She was provided with with a full technical support crew under Charlie Lau to maintain the Argo Harness. Despite working for the corporate hero team, Celia's own ideals of heroism clashed with the firm's policy of charging their services. Josiah Power specifically recruited her for enhancing the credibility to Power Company.

Solo again

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Navy Training


  • Celias name and profession; Forrestal and being in the US Navy, named in honor of US Navy Secretary James Forrestal.



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