Quote1.png --I changed. I became this. And my mission was clear: avenge the innocents. Quote2.png
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Celsia is a victim of corruption who went out of her way to punish those responsible.

Born and raised in a small town in Ohio, she worked in the only industry: a nuclear power plant, operated by Positron Power Industries. She discovered information of CEO Aiden Roberts skirting security regulations and not long after, that resulted in a meltdown. She watched her friends and family die of the radiation, and expected to die herself. Instead, she was changed. With half her body in ice and half on fire, she could control temperatures, all the way to the absolute zero. With her loved ones dead and her hometown uninhabitable for centuries, she decided to use these powers to avenge all the workers and townspeople.

Aiden Roberts was her first victim. On the day the federal judge threw out all charges against him in a surprise ruling, she froze him to death in the street. This brought the case to the attention of Inter-Agency Defense Command and its agents Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. She made a more public attempt on her next target, Ohio senator Jason Fletcher. As a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he had taken bribes from senator Donald DeKirk to speed up the application process. Despite Wonder Woman's interference, she kidnapped him and brought him to the power plant's remains.

DeKirk's private security, the Atomic Knights, also arrived and tried to stop Celsia, but DeKirk's impatience and anger caused them to lash out at them and fire them. Wonder Woman disabled their weapons, but their leader managed to film the stand-off with Celsia, as well as her tale when Wonder Woman trapped her with the Lasso of Truth. She also used it on Fletcher, who confirmed his complicity in DeKirk's scheme. Though the lasso-induced confession was inadmissable in court, the footage sparked an investigation and both senators were jailed. Celsia cooperated with the investigation and accepted responsibility for the murder of Roberts, and was also incarcerated.[1]




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