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The Centre is a primordial entity that seeks to end all life on Earth.

The entity known as the Centre was born on primordial Earth and lived for millions of years, watching life grow on the planet. When an asteroid wiped out all of prehistoric life, the Centre quickly rescued all that survived and relocated them and itself in what was soon to be the Pacific Ocean, where it formed itself as an island to support the wildlife it saved. For eons the Centre continued watching the world changed through time and witnessed a new life form that emerged from the Ice Age: humanity. For the next millennia, the Centre witnessed humankind growing more adapted to its environment, including violence which concerned the being. By the mid-20th century, the Centre saw the detonation of the hydrogen bomb and finally came to the conclusion that mankind posed a threat to its world. The Centre planned to leave Earth, but not before wiping the human "vermin" off the planet.[1]

The Centre began sending its own mutated flying dinosaurs to scout the world for natural resources that could fuel the being to leave Earth. Some of these dinosaurs came into conflict with humans, including Task Force X's debacle with a pterodactyl in New York City.[2] The American government was aware of the existence of "Dinosaur Island," the Centre's disguised natural form, as it was previously explored by humans in the past (such as Vandal Savage, a viking explorer, and the ill-fated Losers) but remained unaware of its true, hidden form. The Centre also project its often violent mental influence across the world, in which many people were subjected to madness and even creating doomsday cults for the being.[3]

Finally in 1958, one of its saurian agents discovered vast jet fuels at Florida's Cape Canaveral. The Centre decided to head there and made its existence known to the world. On the way, the Centre attacked Paradise Island while passing through. Once it arrived off the Floridian coast, the Centre utterly destroyed America's sea and air defenses, and even defeated Superman. However, America's heroes and military forces planned a well-laid assault on the Centre in which they significantly harmed the being after pilots Hal Jordan, Ace Morgan, and Nathaniel Adam detonated nuclear warheads within it, and the Flash took the advantage to destabilize the being with Ray Palmer's shrink ray. Though it was going to die, the Centre attempted to take out every living being on the mainland, but was captured by the power ring of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Jordan then took it into orbit and flung the Centre into space, where it then exploded and ending its threat.


The Centre's mental assault on Hal Jordan, Ace Morgan and Nathaniel Adam. (DC: The New Frontier #6)

The Centre has a wide range of mental-based powers that includes telepathic communication and projecting illusions.