Cera Kesh the second Emerald Empress, a member of the Fatal Five.

Cera Kesh was a homely and overweight teen-aged girl who possessed a modest telekinetic ability to levitate objects with her mind. She tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes but her application was rejected. To add insult to injury, the Legionnaire Inferno, who Cera had a crush on, poked fun at her weight.

Nursing a growing hatred for the Legion as a result, Cera stumbled across the Emerald Eye of Ekron through a twist of fate and bonded with it. Deciding to call herself the "Emerald Empress", she turned to a life of crime and joined the Fatal Five, leading to clashes with her once beloved Legion of Super-Heroes. She also used the Eye's power to transform herself from a dumpy teenager into a tall, statuesque, green-haired beauty.

At the same time, Leland McCauley IV found a second Emerald Eye with which he hoped to turn his girlfriend Ingria Olav into the new Emerald Empress. Instead, Cera killed her and gained the power of both Eyes.


  • Emerald Eye of Ekron: provides the Emerald Empress a variety of of powers, similar to the effects of the Green Lantern Power Ring. The eye allows flight; she can fly and survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space. At her command, it can attack her enemies with energy blasts powerful enough to take down even the likes of Superboy. It also protects her from attack by generating a nearly impenetrable force field around her. The Empress can also wield the Eye's power to suit more specific needs depending on her situation: it has given her superhuman strength on more than one occasion, and in another instance she was able to use its power to grow to gigantic size.[citation needed]

Enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes



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