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Ceritak was a resident of the bottle city of Kandor. He escaped confinement and lived in Metropolis, where he befriended Ashbury Armstrong.

His father was one of the members of the elite, whose job was to observe and uphold Tolos' laws. Ceritak was a rebellious individual and sought a way out of Kandor. Until one day he saw Superman phasing out of Kandor and followed him to Metropolis. As a stranger in the city, he had first fought Superman, but soon proved to be an ally. He used Superman's red and blue costume when Superman's powers changed, but eventually decided to make his own name in Metropolis and became known as Scorn. He became a friend of Ashbury Armstrong, whom he saved from a kidnapper.

Ceritak was later sought help from Superman when an alien and a building from Kandor mysteriously appeared in Metropolis.[1] They, along with Ashbury, went to Kandor, to find that someone called The Inventor had been attempting to free the city by transporting it. He was actually the Cyborg Superman, who then framed Superman for the death of Scorn's father Cerimul. Superman was arrested, and the Cyborg began to transport Kandor on top of Metropolis. Superman escaped and, with Scorn's help, trapped the Cyborg between dimensions. Scorn decided to come back to Metropolis while looking after his sister Cerizah, who was becoming their father's successor as leader of Kandor.[2] Soon after returning, Scorn disappeared, leaving only a note in his undecipherable language.[3]




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