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Adam Knight was an agent of Lionel Luthor and boyfriend of Lana Lang.

Chad Nash died of a rare liver disease. However, Chad was brought back to life by Dr. Tang, using the Lazarus Serum, under orders from Lionel Luthor.

However, Lionel wanted to use Chad for more than simply a guinea pig. After Lana Lang had been injured and spent weeks at the Smallville Medical Center, Lionel sent Chad there. Chad presented himself as a patient named Adam Knight, who had been orphaned in a fire. The plan was for Chad to befriend Lana and getting information about Clark Kent.

Lana invited Chad to move into the apartment above the Talon. However, she soon began to realize that Chad was spying on her. As a result, Lionel took Chad back to Metron Pharmaceuticals, where Chad, who needed regular injections of the Lazarus Serum, was left for dead. However, Dr. Tang kept Chad alive for a while, before pulling the plug on his injections. Chad broke out and murdered Dr. Tang, before going after Lana, who he was convinced had access to a dose of the serum. Chad tried to kill her but was stopped by Clark Kent. Having gone for too long without the serum, Chad passed away. His last words to Clark are that Lionel will never stop finding out his secret.


  • Originally, Adam Knight was simply going to be a new boyfriend of Lana Lang (due to the writers concluding that the romantic relationship between Lana and Clark was not working). However, this changed, after the crew felt that Lana and Adam were not working. Because of this, they changed Adam's storyline to a darker one.[1]



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