Chagra was an artificial intelligence created by Metron.

When Metron decided he wanted to monitor simulations of worlds that could be, he began to do so but quickly grew tired of the work involved in maintaining them. Metron soon realized that he could simulate a person to maintain the worlds and do the research for him, creating the Computer Heuristic Artificial Research Gathering Assistant or Chagra for short. If you noticed that the acronym is actually supposed to be "Charga", well, Hooligan suggests you don't sweat the small stuff.[1]

After spending most of his life looking for the fable Crystal Mountain, Chagra eventually found it and discovered his origin and the power he hand. Immediately, he attempted to strike out at the world that was no longer real to him but was stopped by Forager, who accidentally sent him into an alternate world.


  • Cosmic Awareness: After spending most of his life looking for the Crystal Mountain, when he finally discovered it, Chagra found out that he was actually a computer simulation created by Metron. Discovering this and the way he could warp reality drove him insane.
    • Reality Alteration: Because Chagra is not technically real, he can change anything about himself that he wants, going from old to young just by thinking about it.[2]



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