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Chaim Lavon aka Seraph is a Jewish school teacher and superhero hailing from Israel.

He was gifted by divine powers with the strength of Samson, the Ring of Solomon, the Staff of Moses, and the Mantle of Elijah. Together, these gifts give him enormous powers. As the Seraph, he has fought for justice both on his own and as a member of the Global Guardians. He helped Superman retrieve an ancient artifact.

He remained with the team for many years but declined an offering from the Queen Bee of Bialya, who requested the teams help on a mission. But this was mainly down to himself being Jewish and Bialya was an Islamic state. Seraph fought crime solo, trying to think of ways to revive the Global Guardians. Doctor Mist called him to Bialya to rescue his friends.

The team later confronted Doctor Mist's enemy Fain Y'onia, which resulted in large casualties for the team. Seraph worked with Rising Sun, Owlwoman, and Olympian create the New Global Guardians, placing himself as leader. Seraph also supervised the care of Tuatara who was in a coma as the result of the battle against Fain.




  • Power Loss: All his powers and artifacts will be rendered unusable if Seraph commit sins or abuses his powers. It won't return until the next Yom Kippur.


Seraph's powers are primarily derived from various mythic artifacts he believes were handed down to him by historic figures chronicled in the Torah.

  • Ring of Solomon: gives him wisdom and allows him to teleport.
  • Staff of Moses: can extend to whatever length he needed, and can transform into a serpent, create earthquakes, and manipulate water and energy.
  • Mantle of Elijah: Provides Seraph a degree of invulnerability.


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