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Chain Lightning was a lightning-wielding enemy of the Marvel Family.

Amy was born with the mutant power of absorbing electricity, but never learned uses for her power until a mysterious benefactor gave her a powersuit that let her channel the electricity she stored. At about this time she began suffering from multiple personality disorder. The four personalities consisted of her "actual" persona of Amy, the embittered Amber, her inner child, and her id. She battled Captain Marvel, Jr., but was defeated and sent to S.T.A.R. Labs for treatment. Due to the nature of her powers, Amy can cause the Marvel Family to revert to their non-powered forms if she attacks them with enough of a charge.

Captain Marvel, Jr. kept in touch with Amy, visiting her at S.T.A.R. Labs on a regular basis. She felt very attached to him after these visits.

Amy, still going by Chain Lightning, joined the Society. She was assigned to the Frisk Nuclear Power Plant, where the Society held captive hero Mary Marvel, who was being kept powerless by Society member Vault.

Arsenal of the Outsiders infiltrated the Society disguised as Deathstroke and gained access to Frisk. Arsenal and the Outsiders freed Mary Marvel, and after Amy saw that Captain Marvel, Jr. was a member of the Outsiders, she switched sides and helped them. Chain Lightning's plan to help was to blow up Frisk's reactor with her electrical powers, but fortunately the Outsiders and Society members cleared out before the plant exploded.


  • Electrokinesis: Chain Lightning has the ability to absorb, generate and project volumes of electrical energy of an extremely high voltage. She also has the ability to transform into living energy. In that form she can transmit herself through powerlines.
    • Energy Absorption
    • Electro-Blast: Chain Lightning also uses an unusual application of which is the ability to act as a radio antenna.
    • Electromagnetism: As an application of Electrokinesis, Chain Lightning can also generate an electromagnetic field.


  • Vulnerability to Water: Her stored electricity will short circuit and at least partially dissipate if she gets wet.
  • Multiple Personalities: Amy has four distinct personalities. One of which is her original, Amy, and the other is Amber a much more destructive woman. The two newer personalities are Inner Child and Id.



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