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This subject has not been given a canonical in-universe name, and its title is based on educated speculation. Although a reliable source has not yet been provided, and may never be provided, the article will be named for the most likely guess until then. Thank you, Green Lantern.

Quote1.png The first thing Micron found was the location of an ancient book. The owner of it was part of it was part of an unknown group of notorious for challenging things. Explorers living on borrowed time after surviving a plan crash, who encountered adventure, monsters, and mystical items. Quote2.png
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The Challengers of the Unknown was a group of adventurers.


After surviving a plane crash, Ace Morgan, Prof Haley, Red Ryan, and Rocky Davis decided to form the Challengers of the Unknown. They were later joined by June Robbins, who was recruited as an honorary member.[1]

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