Quote1 Here I am, Caped Captives! Just call me... The Chameleon! Quote2
-- The Chameleon src

The Chameleon was a mysterious assassin who had gathered together all of Gotham's major mob bosses and gang leaders, hoping to convince them to pay him to get rid of Batman and Robin. At first, the mobsters were not convinced by the Chameleon's boasts, but after giving a brief demonstration of his amazing shapeshifting powers, the Chameleon easily made a fool of the most skeptical mobster and instantly gained the respect of the criminal elite. They soon began planning the ultimate caper and the downfall of the Caped Crusaders.

After several long and arduous battles against the monstrous Chameleon and eventually foiling his caper, Batman and Robin were finally able to subdue him with a giant magnet, much to the surprise of the police. Batman then revealed that the Chameleon himself was a robot who soon short-circuited. From the robots remains appeared a small man who Batman revealed to be "Doctor Devious". Ten years ago, the Chameleon was a brilliant scientist who misused his talents for criminal purposes. After having invented the "automatic lockpicker", Batman was forced to send him to jail before he could create any more convenient gadgets for the criminal underworld, and from that day forth, The Chameleon swore revenge against Batman. With his origin finally explained, Commissioner Gordon took the diminutive villain away, but not before The Chameleon swore revenge against Batman once more.


  • Robot Body
    • Shape-Shifting: Can transform into anything he wishes, but mainly transforms into inanimate objects, such as signs, gadgets, machines, weapons, vehicles, tools or anything made of metal or plastic. Is never seen transforming into other humans like Clayface.
    • Animal Mimicry: Can transform himself into an octopus, however it is unknown if he can transform into other living things. Unlike Clayface, the Chameleon's octopus form still has his face and goggles rather than looking like a real octopus.
    • Size Alteration: The Chameleon can freely alter his size and the size of the things he transforms into.
    • Elasticity: Can stretch and enlarge his limbs.
    • Sound Manipulation: Can create a powerful sonic frequency from a special megaphone or his own body that can be heard across Gotham City.
    • Flight: His transformation abilities allow him to turn into jet planes, cars and any other vehicle of varying sizes.
    • Superhuman Durability: While in his robotic suit, he is immune to most conventional weapons.





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