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The Champions of Angor were a extra-terrestrial superhero team from the planet Angor.


The team first came into contact with the Justice League of America when their planet Angor was attacked by a spacefaring robot, which they defeated and attempted to track back to its source. Meanwhile, a similar robot attacked the Justice League on Earth, which they defeated and also tried to track. When the two teams met, each assumed the other was the enemy they had been looking for, and they fought. At that time, the Champions of Angor were composed of Wandjina, Silver Sorceress, Blue Jay and Jack B. Quick.

Post-Crisis Origin

After the Crisis, more of Angor's history was revealed. Before the Champions of Angor, there was another superhero team on Angor called The Assemblers, who were greatly beloved by the public and despised by their enemies. Unfortunately, the Assemblers let fame and fortune affect their egos, and they spent more time posing at photo-ops than worrying about the schemes of their adversaries and any other serious world threats.


Their foes did not rest on their laurels however. Members of the super-villain community began conspiring in secret and the deadliest of the bunch formed a team known as the Extremists. The Extremists were pure sociopaths whose goal was nothing short than the utter destruction of their home world. They succeeded in taking control of the planet's nuclear arsenal and used it to commit widespread genocide.

At least Bowman and Captain Speed died during the holocaust. Remaining heroes Wandjina, Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay regrouped to form the Champions of Angor, but were ultimately unable to save their world. With little recourse, these remaining heroes sought refuge in another dimension. Wandjina, Blue Jay, and Silver Sorceress arrived on Earth and attempted to destroy all of its nuclear weapons in the hopes of preventing the devastations that destroyed Angor from affecting Earth as well. Eventually Wandjina sacrificed himself to prevent a meltdown in a Bialyan nuclear reactor, and Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay gave themselves up to Russian authorities.[1][2]

JLE and the Extremists

Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress eventually escaped from prison. Blue Jay went to the Justice League for help, and Silver Sorceress returned to Angor. There, she discovered a group of overly realistic amusement park robot duplicates, who believed themselves to be the actual Extremists, captured her and forced her to take them to Earth, where they intended to take control of all the world's nuclear weapons.[3] After conflict with Justice League Europe, the team discovered the Extremists were robots, and their creator, Mitch Wacky, was brought to Earth to shut them off. It was revealed that the original Dreamslayer, not being human, had survived the nuclear holocaust on Angor, and was working with the robot Extremists. He was defeated by Silver Sorceress. Afterwards, Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress joined the JLE.[4][5][6]


  • The team were conceived as a pastiche of characters from Marvel Comics' Avengers, whose battle cry is "Avengers Assemble!"
  • The team also referred to themselves as the Justifiers at some point in the past during Mitch Wacky's time travel back into Angor's past.[7]

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