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Chanda Madan was a nanny hired by Roy Harper to look after Lian.

Chanda Madan was a young woman who grew up in Qurac. Her grandparents were killed when the super-villain known as Cheshire mounted a massive nuclear attack against her homeland. Living in the United States, Chanda was hired by Roy Harper to babysit for his daughter Lian, enabling him time to adventure with the Titans. She soon discovered that Lian's mother was actually Cheshire. This created a tremendous rift between Roy and she, but they were able to settle their differences with one another. Eventually when Cheshire was badly hurt and put in the hospital Roy asked once again if Chanda could watch over Lian but Chanda knew that he was going to make sure Cheshire was going to get away safely. Her dislike of Roy's actions grew as he tried to see Cheshire more and more often; Chanda then spoke to terrorists including Deathstroke to attack or stop Roy from seeing Cheshire either by stopping Roy or killing Cheshire. Roy found out her plans which put Lian in danger and before he could fire her (even if he didn't want to) she quit so she wouldn't put Lian in more danger.

  • Despite coming from the West Asian country of Quarac, both her first name and last name have Sanskrit/South Asian origins.