Chandi Gupta is Maya, a young Indian superheroine with elemental fire powers. She was a member of the Justice League Europe.


Chandi Gupta manifested her elemental powers at an early age, barely into her teenage years. Her parents, unsure of what to do, left her in the care of a strange Indian cult. The leaders of this cult were convinced that she was the reincarnation of one of the Hindu gods, Shiva. Chandi, confused and terrified, realised that the cult was evil and planning to sacrifice her. Horrified, she escaped, and fled to London.

Justice League Europe

There, now under the alias Maya, she witnessed the Justice League Europe brawl with the super-villain Sonar. She reluctantly used her powers to assist them in their battle, and managed to single-handedly defeat the threat. The JLE, grateful for her timely assistance, offered her official membership with them. Feeling she had nowhere else to go, she gladly accepted. One of her earliest missions with them was a return to her homeland of India. There, she came under attack from her supposed protector, the Mahayogi. Fortunately, she fended him off long enough to escape and rejoin her team.


The JLE later journeyed to Nepal, where she encountered a boy with powers similar to hers. However, the child was killed, and Maya learned that the cult that had held her as a young girl was a front for a villain called the Overmaster, who planned to destroy the Earth. Overmaster took control of her mind and used her against her teammates, but the Mahayogi, whom she had fought earlier with the League, sacrificed himself in order to free her mind. After a climactic confrontation with the Overmaster, the JLE disbanded. Maya decided to give her parents one more chance, and currently resides with them in India. She has only been seen fleetingly since the team split, at the "funeral" of Maxwell Lord, at a gathering of mystics trying to call forth The Spectre, and in an adventure in which she aided Wonder Woman.


  • Energy Construct Creation: Maya was originally only able to manifest a mystical bow. She has used it as a conventional bow, able to fire sometimes devastatingly powerful projectiles usually made of mystical energy.
    • Energy Projection: She later developed the ability to manifest large amounts of fire or water without using the bow as a focus.
    • Energy Projection: She can manifest her arrows to become mystical fire.
    • Hydrokinesis: She can manifest her arrows to become mystical water.
  • Power Distribution: She can grant herself enhanced abilities.
    • Enhanced Speed: On one occasion she's granted herself enhanced speed, allowing her to run faster than a normal human.
    • Enhanced Strength: On one occasion she's granted herself enhanced strength, allowing her to lift heavier loads than a normal human.




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