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Professor Chang was a brilliant scientist who went rogue and moved to Jump City to start his criminal career.

Professor Chang is the sole owner of the chemical used to power Red X's suit. On their hunt for Red X, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven are captured by Professor Chang's henchmen and cryogenically frozen. Red X and Robin both want to find Professor Chang now.

In Professor Chang's lair, he is preparing to detonate a laser that will destroy the entire city. Red X and Robin arrive, but Professor Chang shoots the laser anyway, destroying part of Titans Tower. After a brief fight, Professor Chang is defeated and taken to jail.[1]

Later, Professor Chang break out of jail and makes his way across the country to Steel City.[2]

In Steel City, Professor Chang is mind-controlled by Brother Blood. Blood demands the hypnotized Chang to do major surgery on him. Chang does as he is told and adds robotic parts onto the villain.[3]


  • Genius Level Intellect: Professor Chang, despite being weak and old, is a genius and should not be under-estimated.
  • Gadgetry: Professor Chang has shown to be very good with building mechanical objects and gadgets, building an entire laser cannon from scratch.[1]
  • Science
  • Leadership: Professor Chang leads his own little army of loyal scientists.



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