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Yo-Yo was a member of the Suicide Squad.

Chang Jie-Ru became a member of the Suicide Squad in attempt to "shave years off his sentence". Yo-Yo has the ability to increase and decrease his mass. After the Squad was send out to stop a riot at Belle Reve, Yo-Yo was eaten by the squad member King Shark.

Yo-Yo was still alive and clinging to life inside King Shark's stomach. During a mission to capture Resurrection Man, King Shark was knocked unconscious, allowing Yo-Yo to escape from his mouth and squeeze through a storm-drain, into the sewers.

Since his survival was discovered by Amanda Waller, Yo-Yo has been given leadership of the Suicide Squad in a mission to retrieve a target from his own sister, Red Orchid.


  • Yo-Yo was one of many characters who was introduced into the DCnU (formerly known as DCU) after the 2011 relaunch.



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