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Chang Tzu was the scientific master of Oolong Island and employed as a weapon smith by Intergang.

Chang Tzu established a collective of "mad" scientists dubbed the Science Squad. The Science Squad were chiefly responsible for bioengineering four immensely powerful beings, which came to be known as the Four Horsemen. Chang Tzu was also responsible for overseeing Will Magnus's Plutonium Man project. When progress on this was delayed, Chang Tzu took Will's bipolar medication, as he believed it to be suppressing Will's creativity. Chang Tzu would go on to kidnap Black Adam, and broadcast to the world that the superhero was up for auction. When the Justice League of America arrives to rescue Adam, Chang Tzu refuses to release him. On that same day, he went to check in on Will's progress, where Will unleashed miniaturized versions of the Metal Men on him. Will ended up using a partial wave gun to blast Chang Tzu into pieces.

Chang Tzu showed up again in a different cyborg body, only to be defeated by Cassandra Cain, Power Girl and Wonder Woman.

Though he has been killed on more than one occasion he never fails to reappear eventually. He has hinted that his "resurrections" are accomplished through cloning.



  • Chang Tzu's name is presently unclear as it has been inconsistently presented; he is introduced as Chang Tzu,[1] but is subsequently referred to as both Chung Zhu and Chung Tzu.[2] It may be possible that he has multiple names; Chang himself explains that "Egg Fu" is one of his "Nine thousand and nine unmentionable names", and immediately kills a guard who laughs at his mention of it.[3]



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