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Quote1 We're here to save the world, too. We're here to save the world from itself. Quote2
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The Changers are a group of Super Powered Beings led by The High who wanted to change the world into a paradise without the need for any form of authority.


John Cumberland, also known as The High, assembled a group of like-minded superhuman beings who shared the belief that saving the world and leaving it the way it is would not be enough to ensure a saved world. To this end, the group took radical means to achieve their goals by removing human societies' structures - laws, authoritarian structures, crime, and war - and replacing it with a society free from authority; in which they planned to give the people the Engineer's nanotechnological oases that provides food, energy, machines and medicine for free, and a better understanding of the world's secrets through The Doctor's education program. Thereafter the Changers would leave Earth as it is since none of them want to rule the world.[1]

The group anticipated those seeking to oppose them, in particular Stormwatch, in which they gathered information from ex-Stormwatch member Malcolm King. But unknown to the other members at the time, their comrade Blind took drastic means to retrieve information from King through torture and as well attempting to assassinate The High's friend, Jenny Sparks, who would have likely succeeded in talking The High into abandoning their efforts.[1] Furthermore, Wish had been activating latent superhuman talents of psychotics to distract Stormwatch from the Changers.[1] Lastly, Rose Tattoo defected and informed their existence to future Stormwatch Weatherman Henry Bendix.[1]

After Cumberland delivered a television address to the world, Bendix deemed the group a threat to his selfish plans for Earth in which he falsely declared their intent on destroying human civilization. Bendix dispatched all Stormwatch field operatives (except Jenny Sparks) to eliminate the Changers at their Paraguayan base. During the confrontation, the Changers learned about Blind and Wish's horrific agenda in which the former was executed by Smoke and the latter was transferred into deep space by Bendix. Then Bendix ordered a Hammerstrike Deep Sanction Missile (which carried a biowar payload and tailored acid bomb) onto the complex that killed everyone except Cumberland and the Stormwatch operatives. The sole surviving Changer, enraged by the loss of his friends and their plans destroyed, attempted to kill Bendix by destroying Skywatch. However, the temporary commander of Skywatch, Jenny Sparks, reluctantly activated the station's Storm Door to save the hundreds of people stationed on board, and the High died colliding into the forcefield.[1]

Despite the end of the Changers, their ideology inspired Jenny Sparks to create the Authority. Years after the Changers' demise, it is later revealed that the High and Eidolon survived their supposed deaths and were interned by the U.S. government in the Number of the Beast program until their escape during the events leading to Armageddon.

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