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Chanka Silver Deer was a Native American extremist who faced Firestorm.

When Chanka Silver Deer, a Cherokee woman, was a child, her twin brother Bobby was bitten by a rattlesnake. Her father tried to seek help for Bobby at a hospital, shoving a nurse aside and causing a bigoted security guard to shoot them both. The guard was not punished. Ordinarily, Chanka's grandfather would pass on his secrets of Native American medicine (sorcery) to the firstborn male, but with her brother dead, Chanka received the sacred teachings.

Years later, the adult Chanka did not forget about the unjust deaths of her father and brother, and sought revenge on all white people. To achieve that end, she forced John Ravenhair to again become the Black Bison, and together fought Firestorm. The battle ended with Silver Deer seemingly killed in a collapsed building.


  • Magic
    • Transformation: Silver Deer can magically change her appearance to another person or take on animal form. When in animal form she possess that animal's abilities.
  • Hypnosis




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