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Chantinelle, also called Ellie by John Constantine, is a succubus.

Ellie thought that the ultimate achievement would be to seduce an angel. She attempted this with the angel Tali, but his purity could not be corrupted, and it turned her lust into love. When they made love, they conceived a child.

With few options, the pair went to John Constantine for help. John had managed to protect them from demons, but the seven archangels came down from Heaven, slew Tali, and took the child from Chantinelle. Even so, she owed John.[1]

Later, John came to her with terminal lung cancer, hoping for help, but she could do nothing.[2]

After tricking the devil into curing his cancer, John needed protection from the forces of Hell, and she agreed to help John in his task. Her queen Triskele told the Lord of Hell that Ellie knew Constantine and could possibly hold valuable information on him. However, she fled from Hell before she could be interrogated. She feared the consequences if her masters found out about her relationship with Tali.[3] In order to protect her from the pursuing demons, John carves a masking sigil into Ellie's very soul - the third time he would outfox the First of the Fallen.[4]

Her part in the plan to fight Satan would be to pose as a young woman named Julie, and when Gabriel's doubts led him to stray from the Cambridge Club, she would treat him kindly, and make him feel safe.[5] Eventually, he would come to love her, and she would make love to him. But, in the process, she would tear out his heart, and send him back to Heaven to face judgment. As a result, John's possession of the archangel's heart would be all that prevented him from falling to Hell, and as such, he would have to protect him from the Devil. Ellie, meanwhile, took pleasure in getting some form of vengeance against one of the angels who killed her lover and took her child.[6]

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