Chaon is a former Lord of Chaos and the God of Chaos, Madness, and Evil in the Atlantean Pantheon. He served as one of Arion's most powerful enemies but later becomes a reluctant confidant for the Lord of Order after the return of the source of Atlantean magic.

One of the earliest known Lords of Chaos, Chaon was a frequent enemy of the sorcerer, Arion, during his days as Lord High Mage and later Lord of Atlantis. After frequent encounters where Chaon was foiled in his attempts to tip the balance towards chaos, he manage to gain a victory over his age-long enemy when he destroyed Atlantis.[1]

Eventually, Chaon lost his power when the Darkworld entity woke up, cutting off the source of Atlantean magic for thousands of years. In his human identity, he became a shady deli shop owner in New York City. Eventually, when Atlantean magic came back, he enjoyed it's use to improve his current life.[2]




  • Darkworld Connection: Without his connection to Darkworld, Chaon loses most of his magical powers save for his shape-shifting powers (limited to only using his human form) and immortality.



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