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Chaq was an alien overlord who hoped to conquer Earth.

While Blue Beetle and Booster Gold were being punished for their usual tricks, NASA enlists the help of the Justice League America to find a space shuttle that disappeared into thin air. They arrive at Edwards Air Force Base to investigate the incident, but soon the ship appears on the radar in free fall.

Fire, Bloodwynd and Booster Gold can prevent the fall of the shuttle, but the team soon realizes the disappearance of the astronauts.

Bloodwynd warned everyone that a ship was approaching their position. They entered the spacecraft but are held by Chaq, who says he owns the solar system. Meanwhile Maxima, Guy Gardner and Ice go to Metropolis in search of Superman to help them. By then, the ship was no longer on Earth. After entering the ship, Superman and the others find the astronauts and the rest of the team, who are in cocoons that are sucking out their life. They try to drag them out of their cocoons, but the ship reacts. Superman questions Chaq about his reasons for attacking the astronauts. Chaq shows a document that claims that the Earth is his. Maxima makes a proposal to Chaq; 800 trillion Sentees in exchange for Earth. Chaq accepts the deal.


Metal-organic spaceship

  • In his first appearance Chaq seems to have a symbiotic link with his ship.



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