Charlise Carmon and her brother Emil were born to William and Virginia Carnes a rich and prestigious family who lived in Gotham City. However unknown to Charlise her father was a corrupt individual who used his wealth to commit various corrupt practices. However her life changed the day she met Trevor who she believed loved her not because her father's money. It was revealed that Trevor had planned to slaughter and kill her family right in front of her according to him "For the lulz". After the slaughter no evidence was left at the crime scene and Charlise was left as the only suspect. She was found guilty of the crime and sent to Arkham Aslyum due her being eighteen and to prison overcrowding. It was there that she witnessed a massive breakout where she saw the sickest of criminals "play" with the guards. It was soon revealed that Charlise intended to be sent to Arkham so as to meet James Gordon, Jr. to learn about inner madness.




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