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Knightfall was an enemy of Batgirl.


Charise was the daughter of the wealthy and corrupt real estate mogul William Carnes. He was a kingmaker and had his hand in a lot of politics. Growing up rich, any boy interested in her was after her father's money. And she didn't care for boys, as none could compete with her father. That changed when she met Trevor when she was 16: he loved her for her. Or so he claimed. In reality, Trevor was deeply disturbed and murdered her family in front of her. He forced Cheris to tie them up and made her watch as he skinned her. Trevor left no evidence behind that he was even there.[1] Charise was the sole survivor and obvious suspect. The "butcher brat" and the "spoiled slaughter", the papers called her.[2] She plotted her revenge. She knew the prison system would not give her justice, so she took the fall.[1]

She had just turned 18, so she was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. She cooperated not to rehabilitate, but to learn.[1] Fellow inmate James Gordon, Jr. helped her survive.[3] She spent some years inside and then set her father's machinations of graft in motion. An appeal was lodged and she was cleared of any crime.[1]

At Arkham, she had learned that the asylum's walls were not effective. The madness existed well outside the walls, and the city had to be cleansed of it.[1] She found Trevor, and kept him in a cage, torturing him for his crimes.[2]


Outside, she essentially did the same thing her father did, except with a dual identity. As Charise, she was the wealthy benefactor gentrificating Cherry Hill. As Knightfall, she oversaw a team of enforcers (Katharsis, Bleak Michael and Bonebreaker) who dealt with troublesome tenants, home owners and protestors.[2]

Batgirl managed to defeat her, but Cherise was convinced no court would convict her. Any cop taking action against her would lose their career to the graft and corruption. Detective McKenna had no qualms ending her career over it and arrested her.[1]




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