Charlie Brown was the son of Charlie Brown, who would later on become the criminal known as Kite-Man.

Charlie was the young son of Charles Brown and lived at his mother's apartment at 37-G Cavalieri Terrace in Gotham City. He sometimes used to say "Hell Yeah", despite his family's disapproval and this will become an inspiration for his father after his death. When Charles was forced to make contact with the Joker by Batman, which he knew how to since he had worked on the Jokermobile. The Riddler however knew about Charles' meeting and made him inform about it, before being forced to tell Batman about the ambush planned by him during the meeting with Joker. [1]

After Batman spoilt the ambush against Joker, he assured Charles that his son had been safely hidden. The Riddler however soon contracted the boy's father to inform him that he had poisoned his favorite kite's string being poisoned, stating he knew he would go behind his back and the death was a message for Batman. Kite Man decided to become a criminal and take revenge, being inspired by his son's passion for kites and his catchphrase. Batman promised revenge, but Charles decided to take it against those he held responsible himslef and became a criminal known as Kite-Man, being inspired by his son's passion for kites as well as his catchphrase.[1]



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