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Charles Brown is a criminal also known as Kite-Man, because of the large glider kite he uses in his crimes.


Charles Brown's path to becoming Kite-Man started when Riddler and Joker went to war over the right to kill Batman. One night, Batman himself tracked Brown down and convinced him to reach out to the Joker, hoping Brown's past connection as the designer of the Jokermobile would give him a way in.

After agreeing to help Batman and join Joker's side as a mole, Riddler discovered the plan and poisoned the rope on Brown's son's favorite kite, killing the boy. Distraught and wanting vengeance against both Batman and the Riddler, Brown fashioned himself a costume and officially joined Joker's side as "Kite-Man".[1]

As the War of Jokes and Riddles raged on, Batman joined the side of the Riddler in exchange for the latter to not kill his enemies. Kite-Man, still considered a joke by the villain community, was specifically targeted by Batman and Riddler to be the last Joker-soldier left in the war, knowing he'd be weak-willed enough to finally hand over Joker's hidden location.[2] He ended up allying with Batman, tricking the Riddler's forces into wearing special kites that flew them up to the Bat-Blimp.[3]

Criminal Career

In present-day Charles is presumably no more than a petty criminal, either stealing jewelry or selling his specially made kites for the use of other criminals.[4] He was one of the first villains Gotham Girl caught on her own after the death of her brother.[5]





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