Charles Pinckney was a member of Stormwatch Team Achilles.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney's parents were traditionalists, as well as quite wealthy and influential. They wanted their sons to follow the traditional pattern - first son in the House of Lords with most of the land and wealth, second son in the military, third son in the Church of England. Charles was the second son. While Pinckney is far from stereotype, it turned out he was gifted in matters of arms. He went to all the best schools, was top of his class at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. Not only was he accepted for the Special Air Service, but he breezed through training and joined the best of the best, the 22nd regiment. By 32, he was a full Colonel, and asides from the usual SAS activity in Ireland became a veteran of several combat ops around the world.

However, his career was wrecked by a superhuman. Pinckney's commanding officer was taken over by an hostile telepath, and was about to shoot the Queen Mother when Pinckney blew his head off. Pinckney was demoted to Sergeant for killing his commanding officer, and his advancement pretty much frozen.

With his history with superhumans, remarkable skill and general performance as a soldier, Pinckney was selected by Ben Santini and Blake Coleman to become a member of the new StormWatch team for the UN. He was called in action before the team could be formed - as the UN building was savagely attacked by a cadre of terrorists. Amusingly, it turned out that the beautiful Russian woman Pinckney had picked up in the hotel lobby the night before was another future Stormwatch member - Captain Galena Golovin - and Santini thus had his sniper team already bonded and under the same sheets.

Pinckney and Golovin have continued their relationship in active service; the sniper team has been particularly successful, and has managed to survive all missions. Pinckney normally acts as Golovin's spotter.


  • Marksmanship: Pinckney is a crack soldier from the world's most competent military unit. He is a sniper - and he's at the top of his game, with impressive hit ratios under the most trying circumstances. Like most good snipers he's very calm, patient and capable of working on his own or with a partner for weeks and weeks far behind enemy lines.



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