Charlie Duffy was a mentally handicapped adult who who called himself Batman due to an obsession with the Batman television series. He worked in a convenience store in New York City, and was taken care of by his landlord Mike Kelley (whom he referred to as "Alfred") after his parents died. There were many people in the neighborhood who played along with this, such as a retired actress named Lucille Sinclair who pretended to be "Catwoman" and a co-worker he referred to as "Aunt Harriet." His childhood best friend Clarissa Beal who pretended to be his "Robin" reappeared after moving away for twelve years, but had since then become a drug addict. He attempted to rescue her from her drug dealer boyfriend Darrin whom he called the "Joker." Charlie was inspired to become tougher after seeing the Batman movie, and got into a fight with Darrin. He was mercilessly beaten by thugs, but the neighborhood came to his defense and the dealers were arrested. Clarissa was inspired by his actions and decided to clean up and turn her life around.[1]




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