Charles Elkin was an American soldier in the same unit as Sgt. James Moon. One day, he was hit, and Moon picked him up and carried him to safety. Elkin swore that one day he would repay him.

Years later, Elkin, who was single and working as an electrical engineer in Stoneville, Nebraska, heard of the tragedy that had befallen Moon's family: his wife died of a fatal illness and Moon himself was killed in a construction accident. Elkin decided he could fulfill his debt to Moon by adopting his orphaned son, Tommy.

Tommy, who was of Cherokee descent, faced ridicule from the children in Stoneville because of the color of his skin. As a result, Mr. Elkin moved them to Blue Valley. There Tommy was accepted and became good friends with Wally West.

When Tommy became distracted investigating a group of foreign spies that were operating out of Blue Valley, Mr. Elkin became worried, afraid that he might be facing prejudice yet again. He asked Wally to help by getting to the bottom of Tommy's behavior. He was relieved and proud when he later learned that Tommy and Kid Flash had defeated the spies.[1]

  • The war that Elkin and Moon fought in was referred to as the "last war". Given that the issue this story appeared in was published in 1962, this may have been the Korean War.



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