Chuck is a social outcast, a status he shares with his friends Virgil Hawkins, Rick Stone, and Felix, but is also friends with those of popular standing such as Frieda Goren and Larry Wade.

Like Virgil, Rick, and Felix, Chuck is heavily interested in science-fiction, fantasy games, and comic books. He is distinguished from his friends as being rather eccentric and outspoken, and does not seem to know when to stop as far as speaking and acting out. He is also rather homophobic, regularly making gay jokes and slurs towards Rick even before the latter came out. Once learning of his friend's sexuality, Chuck displayed some discomfort at being around him and though he eventually got used to it, he continued to taunt him for his preference. At one point, Chuck received his driver's license after a number of failed tries, allowing him and his friends to go to an event.

Eventually, Chuck begins to display some maturity, as he starts to show more concern about jobs, finances, schoolwork, and careers as opposed to all of the adolescent pleasures he has often enjoyed with his friends as of late. However, he is later shown enjoying such things with his friends, albeit more reserved than he once was.

  • Generally only referred to as Chuck, his surname was revealed in Static #18.



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