Charles McNider used to be the superhero Doctor Mid-Nite, having been a member of the Justice Society of America many years prior to the creation of the Justice League.

After the events of Metropolis and the institution of Superman's regime, McNider went into hiding, finding a location in Norway that was perpetually night time.

One Year after the fall of Superman's regime, Batman rediscovered McNider and asked that he perform the heart transplanted needed to save Superboy in the Phantom Zone. Though McNider was hesitant to leave his hiding place, he was bound by his oath as a doctor and successfully performed the surgery.


  • Enhanced Vision: Doctor Mid-Nite, despite being blind, can see in the dark.


  • Medical Science: Doctor Mid-Nite is known to be the most proficient surgeon in the world. He performed the heart transplant that saved Superboy's life.[1]




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