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"Bigger Melvin" was a small-time hood from Gotham City who worked as a part-time henchman for the Joker at one point.

He was hanged by the Joker from the neck until dead while the Joker was on a revenge spree killing off all past members of his gang in the hopes that he would catch whichever one it had been who ratted him out.

Later, he reappeared after Morgaine le Fey, Enigma and Despero erased Batman (along with Superman and Wonder Woman) from history. His death having been averted by Batman's lack of interaction with the Joker. He apparently had overcome past addictions to heroin, and actually spent time in rehab with Roy Harper. He would grew up into a job at Queen Industries, working as a wealthy and successful individual. However, he strived to figure out what was wrong with the world, remembering Batman's direct impact on his life, and how he previously could've avoided death by listening to Batman.


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