Chongo was a member of the I.O. division called the Numbskulls.

Charles "Chongo" Ongowicz was a Private first class who was likely killed in action before being resurrected. After his resurrection, he was put into a division of I.O. known simply as, the Numbskulls.

During their first assignment, someone had sabotaged PFC Meloney Sutcliffe's cybernetics so that they would explode, which killed Meloney and burned off Sarge's flesh. Chongo, like the rest of the team, was haunted by that day, and sought out for vengeance.

The team attacked the location they believed John Lynch would be found at, but found Gen 13 instead. The Numbskulls fought Gen 13, and despite Chongo being able to resist both Rainmaker's lightning and Burnout's flames, they fled after realising Lynch was not there. Chongo was wounded in the fight, but suffered no major injuries.

After the team located Kyle LeFavre, they attacked him and Gen 13 (who were also looking for Kyle), thus creating another fight between the two groups. This time, Chongo was set ablaze, but had survived and was later given cybernetics.




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