Charles Peace was a professional thief operating in Victorian England until an accident involving a time machine saw him transported to London in the 1960's. When the British government began rounding up individuals with unusual abilities or histories, Peace went into hiding and reinvented himself as Antique dealer Charles Love, but he was eventually persuaded by Penny Dolmann and her associates to join them in their assault on Castle Baaleskine to free the prisoners held there (Peace was motivated seemingly by the chance to get his hands on the unusual weaponry held at the castle) which he had tried and failed to rob once before.

Charlie Peace's first historical appearance was in the issue of the British anthology comic 'Valiant' published on 20th July 1964 by IPC Magazines. The strip lasted until June 15th 1974, first in Valiant and later (for most of its run) in 'Buster', before being extensively featured in reprints. The Charlie Peace strip was a comedic adventure series, with Peace depicted as a hapless but likeable rogue; however, the character was actually based on an infamous genuine 19th Century thief and murderer.



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