Quote1.png Do you hear me, father?! You're dead -- but I've been reborn! Quote2.png
Roman Sionis src

Charles Sionis was a wealthy businessman and the President of Janus Cosmetics. He was the father of Roman Sionis, later known as the Black Mask.

Roman became mentally ill after having been dropped on his head as a baby and later given rabies as a child. The young boy developed an obsession with "masks" based on the fake way his parents acted around their socialite friends, such as Martha and Thomas Wayne. When he grew up, Roman was made Vice President of Janus Cosmetics. He fell in love with a supermodel named Circe but his parents forbade him from seeing her. The following summer they died in a mysterious house fire implied to have been set by Roman. He took control of the company and their fortune. Eventually he ran the company into bankruptcy and turned to crime as the super-villain Black Mask, wearing a mask that he carved out of his parents' coffins.[1]



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