Charles "Chuckie" Sol was a crimelord from Gotham City.

He collaborated with two other gangsters, Buzz Bronski and Salvatore Valestra in order to consolidate their power base in the city. They used financier Carl Beaumont to set up their investment interests. Sol operated out of the Shady Lady Casino, which he used as a front for his money laundering operations. The Batman raided his penthouse one evening and dismantled his operation. Though his men were captured, Sol managed to escape capture. Fleeing into the casino's parking garage, he encountered a new mysterious menace - the vigilante known as the Phantasm. The Phantasm pointed a razor-sharp scythe at him saying, "Chuckie Sol... your angel of death awaits!" Terrified, he got into his vehicle and tried to escape, but the Phantasm pursued him. Driving wildly, he smashed through the cement barrier of the parking lot, sailed across the street, and crashed into another building. He was killed on impact.



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