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This subject has not been given a canonical in-universe name, and its title is based on educated speculation. Although a reliable source has not yet been provided, and may never be provided, the article will be named for the most likely guess until then. Thank you, Green Lantern.

The Question is a private investigator who has helped Batman on several occasions.


Before Batman formed the Justice League International, he suspected that Darkseid was planning an invasion on Earth, so he sent the Question on a suicide mission to Apokolips to get information. Question made it to Apokolips, and was successfully able to get inside Darkseid's fortress and get into the computers. Question figured out Darkseid's plot, but just before he could leave Kalibak entered the room with his hounds and side them on Question. After an intense chase, Question evaded the hounds, only to run into three Parademons. He successfully rendered all three unconscious and proceeded to leave. But Kalibak caught up to him again backed him to the edge of one of the lava pits. Question jumped over the edge of the pit instead of facing Kalibak, and presumably fell to his demise.[1]

But Question actually somehow escaped death, and stowed away inside of Darkseid's weapon to subdue the Earth, and helped deactivate it.[2]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Question is a brilliant fighter, being able to defeat three Parademons single-handedly.[1]
  • Acrobatics: The Question has been seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop with ease as well as falling off a broken ladder and landing on his feet.[3]
  • Investigation: The Question has an inquisitive mind. Even when tied in a villain's trap he awoke asking questions. He is constantly on the look for clues and answers.[3]



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