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Killowat is a member of the Team Titans.


Born in an alternate future ruled by Lord Chaos, Charlie Watkins' life's goal was to join the Force Elite. He applied for a job at a new factory in Louisiana, where he saved Lord Chaos's life during an attack by the Team Titans Anvil and Aurora. Charlie and his friend Josh were given a place in the Force Elite.

As they made their way through training, Charlie began to doubt Lord Chaos, whilst Josh had the same epiphany the other way round. During his first solo command mission, he broke. His team had killed rebels, but they were killed. He got into contact with the Team Titans and started working for them, as a spy inside the Force Elite. It worked well for a while, but Josh got suspicious. Charlie was supposed to hold the Force Elite back during a heist by the Team Titans, but Josh jumped the gun. In the ensuing firefight, the two old friends came to blows and Charlie was pushed into a damaged power converter, electrocuting him. He was transformed into living energy and fled with the other rebels.

Total Chaos

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  • Electrokinesis: Killowat can create, generate, manipulate, and control all forms of electricity such as thunder and lightning and use it according to his will.




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