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Charles Henry Wilson, also known as Odysseus, is the father of Slade Wilson and a former CIA agent.

At an unknown point in time, he defected to the League of Assassins and became one of their best fighters. He also seemingly abandoned his son. Since he was such a valuable asset, the League kidnapped his grandson, Joseph four years ago in order to steal his powers and resurrect him long after he died. Slade seemingly killed him when he shot him in the eye and felt no pity since he abandoned him. However, he actually survived, even though he ironically lost his eye just like his son.[1]

In the modern day, Red Fury hires Slade to finish the job and permanently kill Odysseus. Since Joseph was hiding in Gotham City, they both go there and Odysseus manages to kidnap him first, using Joseph's powers to augment him. Deathstroke then arrives, with some allies and destroys the machine Charles was using to do that. After a fight between the father and son, Slade kills Charles by impaling him on the scraps of the destroyed machine.[2]





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