Serving in the British military during the 1960s, posted in the South Pacific, where, after assaulting an officer, he was set to digging ditches for experiments by the British Rocket Group. The experiment, on a Kherubim warship, failed and killed many of the Kherubim soldiers and personnel, with the survivors getting cancers, which soon killed all but two of them. Charlie and Paul Frost. The energies he was exposed to formed a quantum singularity in Charlies brain, giving him his powers, but his body, trying to reject the singularity, formed a cancer around it, limiting his powers.

Following his time in the army he became right hand man for the criminal boss Ted Lewis, who controlled crime in the north of England, using his powers to give him an edge, and developed a dangerous reputation. When his lover Rose, became pregnant, he left her, never even seeing his new born daughter. In the '80s he teamed up with Jon Drake and the sorcerer Jack Carter to break up a Daemonite cell led by Kenyan.

Eventually his cancer was diagnosed, and he traveled to Hobb's Bay to see Rose. She refused to talk to him, but he did find out that he had a granddaughter. While there he ran into Paul Frost, not knowing that he had also survived the British Rocket Group experiment, whom he knew from school. While they were talking, a ship containing Daemonites and mercenaries came aground, and Paul Frost, who had been waiting for them, knocked Charlie out, leaving him for dead. When he recovered consciousness, Charlie made his way to Rose, and managed to find her alive. As they tried to escape, she was killed by a Daemonite, which the Golden managed to kill before it got Charlie, but he died from the cancer moments later after meeting the Establishment.

He was revived through the efforts of Mister Pharmacist and Christopher Truelove, so that the Establishment could question him. The revival removed his cancer, allowing him access to his full powers. The Establishment went after Frost and the Daemonites, as they flew the Kherubim warship they had stolen, the same one that the British Rocket Group had experimented on, towards London, leaving Arrows in the care of George Bulman.

Arrows, wanting revenge on Frost, knocked Bulman out, but before he could travel through one of the Establishment's Windows, Christopher Truelove's ghost emerged from Bulman to confront him. Charlie used his new powers to recreate Truelove's body, and then knocked him out too. He then traveled to the warship and confronted Frost, learning that he was now a sentient cancer colony, who intended to explode the warship over London, spreading his sentient cancers over Europe. Arrows sent him to Dead Space, and then changed the warship into a swarm of roses, which rained on London.

He then set out to search for his granddaughter, Lucy. She found him, revealing that she had inherited superpowers from him, and that she now worked for Dr. Orwell, and Charlie cautiously agreed to also work for Orwell. He eventually learned that Orwell was a stranded time traveler, who planned to travel to the end of time to replace Spartan, who was destined to be the one being to survive the end of this universe, and thereby become God in the next universe.

Orwell and his mercenaries hijacked an alien god's corpse from the Bleed, which he could use to travel through time. He revealed that he had recruited Charlie because his powers would allow Orwell to reprogram Spartan.

Orwell had placed post-hypnotic suggestions in Charlie's mind, allowing him complete control over the Arrows, who had to obey Orwell's spoken commands. Charlie and Lucy decided to turn against Orwell, and they blocked up Charlie's ears, allowing him to attack Orwell. As they battled, a swarm of Venusians that Orwell had acquired for his plan, escaped and began to overrun the ship, supplanting Orwell's role in his own master plan. The Arrows helped the Establishment battle the overwhelming Venusians, as the universe ended, and when it appeared that the Venusians had won, Charlie used his powers to connect to Spartan/Metavac, assuring the new universe's safe existence. Presumably both Charlie and Lucy died in the end of the universe.


Charlie's powers were originally a result of a quantum singularity that was formed in his head after being exposed to the fallout of the British Rocket Group's experiment. His body attempted to reject this singularity by forming a cancer around it, the combination seemed to grant him the limited ability to see in to the near future. After Mister Pharmacist removed the cancer his powers were greatly increased to the point where he could transform any matter he came into contact with.



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