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Charma was a Legion of Super-Heroes villain with mind control powers.

When she was a child, she watched her parents die in a food riot, while they were fighting for scraps to feed her. Because of her parents death, she became an orphan and was placed in a Girls' School that was more akin to a prison. The Headmistress, and all the girls, grew to hate her. They would steal from her, beat her and put her in the headmistress' "punishment chair" so often that it became "Charma's Chair".

She learned she was a mutant with a hypnotic effect on others. She noticed that females were compelled to harm her, while males wanted to eternally protect her--even fight for her. The headmistress contacted Grimbor the Chainsman to help imprison her, but being a male, Grimbor fell for her charms and took her away.

After Grimbor and Charma fought the Legion of Super-Heroes, she was sent to an all-women prison for her crimes.[1]

While in prison, Charma was killed by fellow inmates, who were enraged into committing the act by the unique effects of her pheromones.[2]


  • Mind Control: Charma has an unconscious ability to compel women to hate her and men to love her. She has no control over this ability and cannot turn it on or off. She must be seen or heard in order for the effect to occur.



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