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Charybdis conspired with his made-to-be wife, Scylla, to kill Aquaman (His real partner Scylla supposedly died in a bomb explosion) by giving them code names. In doing so he used his metahuman powers to render Aquaman's ability to talk to fish, useless. He then puts Aquaman's left hand in a Piranha infested pool. Aquaman escapes his hideout. He later used a machine to take Aquaman's powers. Charybdis changed his name to Pirahna-Man after the transfiguration. The result left his sanity in check and the abilities of Aquaman's fish communication.

In Infinite Crisis, Pirahna-Man became a member of The Society, using the name Charybdis again.




  • in Greek mythology, both Charybdis and Scylla are female



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