Quote1 I usedta be called "Manhunter." You may've heard of me. It was a few years back...I was cool. All claws and straps and spikes and a cape that went on for days, man! Quote2
Manhunter src

Chase Lawler was a musician who summoned the Wild Huntsman to save himself and his girlfriend from harm. He did not understand the commitment he was making to the Wild Huntsman and found himself compelled to hunt the lonely. He tried to resist the urge by hunting villains, with limited success. Lawler suffered a heart attack and Mark Shaw attempted to resuscitate him. This transferred the bond with the Wild Huntsman and the compulsion to hunt to Shaw. It was later revealed that Lawler had undergone the same mental programming as Mark Shaw and that the Wild Huntsman was actually an illusion created as a side effect. Lawler was drugged and then murdered by Shaw, who had fallen back into his Dumas persona.



  • A new Manhunter title by Steven Grant and Vince Giarrano, unrelated to any of the previous Manhunters, was created in the aftermath of the Zero Hour limited series in 1994.



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