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Chaser Bron was a member of the interplanetary police force known as Darkstars

Bron was present on Maltus when the Triarch started ravaging the planet. The Darkstars had orders from the Controllers not to oppose the Triarch, and to stop anyone from interfering with their goal. This lead to a confrontation with the Green Lantern Corps and the Darkstar Ferrin Colos and his deputies, who disagreed with those orders.[1]

In yet another occasion, Huvah Jeddigar ordered Bron and other Darkstars attack the rogue Ferrin Colos, who was already banished from the organization. However, Colos convinced them to rebel against Jeddigar after revealing his secret plans.[2]

Some time later, Chaser Bron was one of the few survivors of the battle between the Darkstars and Grayven on Rann. Bron stayed on Rann alongside Colos, Munchukk, and Galius Zed to help rebuild the city.[3]

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