Quote1.png I'm a man, okay? I ain't no weapon. I'mma die in peace before I raise my fists again. I've caused enough harm. Quote2.png
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Chato Santana, also known as El Diablo, was a member of Task Force X. He was part of the team sent on the Midway City mission, and sacrificed himself to destroy Incubus and save the world.

Chato Santana was born with pyrokinesis. As a teenager, he was drawn into gang activity, moving up the ranks stealing cars, dealing drugs, and selling handguns. His pyrokinesis became his most deadly asset. He was suspected, although never charged, in the murder of fifteen men in East Los Angeles prior to his conviction for accidentally murdering his wife and children.[1]

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  • Pyrokinesis: Santana possesses extreme pyrokinetic abilities; on one occasion, he was able to set half a prison yard on fire, killing dozens of inmates. However, he can also use it in a controlled manner, generating hologram-like flames.[2]
    • Transformation: Santana can transform into a skeletal form that greatly resembles a tribal shaman seemingly made out of solidified flames. While in this form, he can use his powers to their fullest extent; his strength and durability both increase dramatically, and his pyrokinesis becomes even more powerful.[2]

  • Chato Santana was born on June 3, 1981.[2]
  • David Ayer's original cut of Suicide Squad would have seen El Diablo survive. It is not clear how Incubus would've been defeated without his sacrifice.



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