Chay-Ara is the lover of Khufu, and a number of women are reincarnations of her including Celia Penbrook, Cinnamon and Hawkgirl.

Born in Ancient Egypt, she and her lover, Prince Khufu Kha-Tarr, acquired harness which allowed them to fly. The court's resident sage, Nabu, told them that they would be reincarnated across the ages.

Eventually, they were killed by the priest Hath-Set, and so began a cycle of death and rebirth.

War of Light

Chay-Ara's corpse found its way into the reach of the Star Sapphire Corps, where it was used in conjunction with the corpse of Khufu to power the Violet Power Battery. Their love was regarded as strong and pure.

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, Chay-Ara's corpse was desecrated by the Black Lantern Corps and used as foot soldier. Alongside the corpse of her future self, Kendra Saunders, she menaced the Atom.

Brightest Day

Her corpse has shown up since and been claimed by a group of explorers. They appear to have plans for it.

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.
  • While Khufu is based on a real historical figure who was married at least twice (maybe three times), Chay-Ara is not based on any of those historical queens. She is an original character.



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